About Casa Aq'ab'al

We found our dream which we now would like to share with you as our guest.

"Casa Aq'ab'al is 100% solar powered".

Casa Aq'ab'al

means 'light in the darkness' or 'interior light‘.

Hello! We are Yolanda and Pedro, a Swiss-Mexican couple who live here at Laguna Bacalar - the Lake of the Seven Colors. We found our paradise and realized our dream with Casa Aq’ab’al and now like to share with you.

The full moon nights here are simply unique and when there is no moon the sky full of thousands of stars. For Early Birds, the sun rises across the lake and one feels like being part of a fairy tale.

To be as one with nature as possible on this beautiful Laguna Bacalar is our goal. We are 100% solar powered, so no microwave, television, hair drier or air conditioning. We grow as many vegetables and herbs as possible in our garden and we use local fish, meats and products.

Visit Laguna Bacalar, also called “the Lake of the Seven Colors” at the Southern tip of Quintana Roo. Mexico’s second-largest freshwater lake awaits with its crystal clear, spectacularly-blue water --- amazing you every single day with its beautiful and changing colors.

Bacalar Village

a small Mexican town, on a beautiful lagoon.

The village of Bacalar, just 5 km south, and still a small Mexican town where mass tourism hasn’t arrived yet. Here in this “Pueblo Magico” you should visit the old Spanish Fortress San Felipe with its Pirate Museum, the nice Zocalo as well as Cenote Azul, the deepest cenote or “sinkhole” in the world.

To discover this beautiful lagoon up close, check out the several options listed on our activities page. Take a look and come to PARADISE at Casa Aq'ab'al !